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If I had not met Ms. Sabrina I would not be where I am today.  She changed an extracurricular activity that I dreaded every week to a passion, to something I want to do for the rest of my life. Ms. Sabrina is a teacher, a role model and a friend.  Thank you for believing in me and giving me the chance to succeed.

Anna Barrett - Alumni of Outer Banks Dance Academy

Technique and a true love of dance is what the teachers and owner of Outer Banks Dance Academy are all about.  I highly recommend this for your child if dance is their passion and you want them instructed by a caring, highly ethical instructor that will have the interest of your child as their top priority.

Karen Pierce

My daughter has been taking classes under Ms. Sabrina for the last 4 years. She has loved every minute of it, and honestly never wants to leave!! Sabrina works to find every dancers' strengths, and encourages and pushes them to do their very best. Mackenzie's technique has blossomed over the years because of this, and she is continuously improving in all genre areas. The studio atmosphere is very welcoming and all the dancers are encouraging and friendly to each other. The last 3 years Mack has done competition as well---It is very professional and all the students strive to work together as a team to achieve great things. Excited for this year:)

Martha Daniels

For the last 5 years I have danced with Sabrina and it has been a very positive experience. She continues to be a good example for her students while encouraging and building self esteem in all of us. The instructors are very professional and the facility is wonderful.

Lara-Cate Wright 

This is the best dance school on the Outer Banks. The teachers are amazing!! This is such a positive learning environment.

Katie Preisser

It's going on five years now that our daughter started taking dance with Sabrina Hassell.  We never imagined the impact of the training she would receive.  Madeline is motivated, determined and focused all which is fostered by the classes and instruction she has received from Sabrina.  Not only is our sever year old able to recognize the value of ballet in all styles of dance, but has developed a love of all the arts and can discuss aspects of technique and artistry in professional work.  Her desire to learn and perfect various movements, of which she knows the official names, can be attributed to Sabrina.  It is evident through her instruction that technique is highly valued.  She takes time to focus on each students technique at their individual level.  Sabrina takes an actuve role in training students of all ages and abilities.  Whether its ballet, jazz, or summer workshops, we are confident that Madalyn is receiving the best training available.  Perhaps she will pursue a career with dance, or maybe enjoy it as recreation, or recognize the value of such in other work.  Regardless, Sabrina Hassell is helping to instill a sense of responsibility and love of the arts in our daughter. 

Ashley and Abby O'Neal

Outer Banks Dance Academy has been a dream come true for our daughter.  She has been dancing since age 3, but her dancing has been transformed since she has made Outer Banks Dance Academy her dance home.  We give 100% of that to her teacher, Ms. Sabrina.  Ms. Sabrina believes in her students, and teaches them in a loving and uplifting environment, while being encouraged to work hard and reach their full potential.  She is skilled in  all forms of dance, and not only does she teach our kids the very best technique and choreography she participates in every dance move during class and leads by example.  Our daughter has excelled in all of her classes and has deepened her gift love and passion for ballet especially.  She looks forward to dance class everyday of the week, and is inspired to practice and get better at home. I attribute this to the atmosphere Outer Banks Dance Academy brings forth to their students.  Thank you so much Ms. Sabrina for loving our girls and helping them reach for the stars.

AnLouise Bennett

All four of my daughters take dance lessons from Sabrina Hassell. They started with her as purely recreational students, but after dancing with her for four years, my two older daughters want to become professional ballerinas. Not only has Sabrina given them excellent dance training, but she has offered them many additional opportunities that have improved their dance ability and love for dance (especially ballet): competition team; various dance masterclasses, workshops and conventions (with choreographers such as Travis Wall, tWitch, Francisco Geller, Danny Tidwell, Sonya Tayeh, etc.); the opportunity to dance in The Nutcracker with The Richmond Ballet; auditions for top ballet and modern summer intensives; choreography experience; connections for professional dance gigs; and teaching assistant experience with toddlers and Pre-K students. My daughters love dance and adore Miss Sabrina! Sabrina sincerely believes that anyone who desires it and works hard can be a dancer. Through her choreography, she brings out the best in each dancer. I highly recommend her dance classes and dance studio!

Cathi Barrett

My daughter, Riley, has been a student of Sabrina's for the past four years. I had originally signed her up with the intention of keeping her busy and possibly learning a little poise in the process.  I could never have imagined that she would become the dancer that she is today! Riley has developed a love of dance and has a strong desire to learn, and perfect, various movements... of which she knows the official names. She is able to compete in dance competitions and has won numerous awards.  All of this can be attributed to Sabrina's knowledge of dance and her ability to translate that to her students.  She is a true professional.  Sabrina has not only taught Riley how to dance, but also poise, grace, sportsmanship, and confidence.  We are truly blessed to have her as a dance teacher.

Polly Rollinson

I am proud to know Sabrina Hassell. Her training, skill, and work ethic has the building blocks for an outstanding dance academy. Training in any art form is a rigorous yet exhilarating experience. I feel Sabrina will work hard to create a nurturing and creative environment for the students and provide an opportunity for them to be life long learners and advocates of the arts.

Deborah Thrope - Assistant Director at the Governor's School for the Arts

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