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At The Academy once students reach kindergarten and progress to Level 1 we then use our placement in levels based off of ability.  Since we feel every child learns at their own pace each child is assessed and placed in the level that is best suited for their abilities.  If your child is new to our school we will need to assess them to know which level would be best for them.


Ballet is fundamental for all dance and is mandatory at the academy. These classes are designed to give students a detailed knowledge of classical ballet which includes technique, alignment, terminology, musicality, and artistic expression. Basic anatomy and kinesiology is also taught to develop their understanding of how their bodies move.


High energy dance; ranging from traditional Broadway style to contemporary jazz, this class concentrating on performance and expression with strong technical aspects from ballet.

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The academy trains in several different styles of Modern Dance. Classes focus on teaching the traditional warm - up created by each founder of each style. In choreography the dancers will focus on important elements and stylistic characteristics created by the founder of the style they are working on each season.

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This expressive style centers on dancing to tell a story thru the lyrics with extensions and turns while maintaining a fluidity and grace.

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Teaches dancers musicality thru the use of percussions in their shoes. 

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Pre- Pointe

Dancers work mostly at the barre with a gradual progression to center. The class focuses on proper placement of the dancer on the shoe and strengthening their legs and feet. This is not a guaranteed performance class for the recital.

Students must meet certain requirements and be assessed by teacher before registering for this class.

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Dancers are required to attend at least one full year of pre-pointe before being allowed to attend. 

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This is a stretching and conditioning class that teaches dancers basic tumbling as well as incorporating apparatus such as canes and other props that are used in many styles of dance today. 

Hip Hop

Dancers learn both street style and commercialized Hip Hop.

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